Selasa, 15 April 2014

Now for something completely different!

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Dear Pujangga

You may not know that our Chairman Wolfgang Grulke has had a life-long interest in nature and the past, as well as his passion for the future.

He is about to publish a major new natural history book Heteromorph: Nature at its most bizarre and we wanted you as clients and friends of FutureWorld to be among the first to hear about it.

It's a large coffee table book that has already won some substantial endorsements from reviewers.

I am stunned. What a magnificent book. A great work of art
- Peter Ward, Professor of Earth and Space Sciences, The University of Washington, Seattle

Beautiful, Fascinating, Outstanding! A must for all who love the bizarre, the beautiful and the best!
- Neal L. Larson, President, US Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences; Owner, Larson Palaeontology Unlimited

This authoritative and surprisingly beautiful book shows that nothing, absolutely nothing in nature, can be compared with the long, successful and extraordinary development of heteromorphy in ammonites.
- S. Peter Dance, acclaimed author of A History of Shell Collecting and scores of other works on natural history

Heteromorph ammonites are unique and will always cause us to think and wonder. It is a pleasure to find a book devoted solely to them.
- Neil H. Landman, Curator, American Museum of Natural History, New York.

Do have a look at the book website and you may find something that will challenge your family and friends to think about the beauty of nature in radically new ways in the future!

Yours, Neil and Anton

Neil Jacobsohn and Anton Musgrave
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