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The Daily Campus: March 20, 2012

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The Daily Campus

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
UConn destroys Kansas State

UConn destroys Kansas State

BRIDGEPORT—Leading up to last night’s game, the Kansas State Wildcats were simply happy to be where they were in the tournament playing UConn in the Round of 32.

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Disney Disappointment

After months of anticipation, Disney’s high-profile, $250-million spring blockbuster “John Carter” hit screens on March 9. And much like analysts predicted, the sci-fi epic did not create a new franchise as the House of Mouse had hoped, but instead spectacularly underperformed. It didn’t even bring in a fifth of its budget domestically over its first week in theaters.

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Huskies’ upset of Cowboys highlights road trip

The UConn baseball team continued its early season struggles, as the Huskies went 2-5 during their two weekend road trips over spring break.

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Editorial: University should sync budgeting with state

The tuition for the school attracts a lot of attention around here. This year, a three-year plan has been instituted regarding a tuition increase, and thereby how the money is spent and where funds are lacking or need to be cut. But as a public university, UConn’s funding and how much students are responsible for in regards to tuition costs also depend on what funding is available from the state and federal government. The state of Connecticut redoes its budget every two years. The federal government redoes its budget every year. Because there is a degree of inter-dependency, it would be much more prudent if the university, state and federal budgets were all re-evaluated at the same time. 

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